Welcome to the Bible x Journal restock preview page! Below are all the hand-painted items that will be available February 23 at 7pm CT.  Once the restock time is live, head over to our Bible x Journal Shop page to purchase! If you want to know more information about the process, please go to our Bible x Journal Restock Info page. Browse through and find which item(s) you want to purchase! We suggest creating an account on our website to have your checkout information ready to go on Restock Day, because we sell out fast!









There will be Fully Custom Floral and Landscape Bibles listings available this restock. All Fully Custom Bibles from our February Restock are estimated to ship out April 30. Delivery date will depend on your shipping method. If you need your Bible on a specific date, please email us before ordering.

Large Print ESV 

Large Print ESV 



Applications open for March 30 Restock. Due by March 13th. Please note if you do not get chosen for the upcoming restock, you will need to re-apply to be considered for the next restock. 

Have you missed out on past restocks? Do you need a Bible or journal for a birthday gift or a specific date coming up in the next few weeks? Fill out an application below to get early access to the next restock.  The early access process allows you to have first dibs on all hand-painted Bibles and journals in the monthly restock. If you are approved for early access, you will be emailed a list of details explaining how the process works. All early access orders will be charged an additional $50 fee to order early. You are limited to only ONE item for early access due.

Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Early access slots are very limited. If you are denied early access to the restock, please do not be discouraged and try to order on the Restock date!

***You do not need to apply to order a Bible or journal - this program is for customers who have missed out on past restocks or needs to guarantee one for an upcoming birthday, wedding, event, ect. View it as a way to "pre-order." We select just a handful of applicants to order a couple of days before the real restock date. If you do not get selected, please still try to order on the restock date that is open to everyone!