Congratulations! You have purchased a Fully Custom Bible! To ensure Allison captures the vision you have for your Custom Bible, we require you to fill out this form with all the information regarding how you want your Bible to look. We have a few tips and tricks that will not only help Allison design your Bible, but will help make this process easier for you! Please read the following:

1. We understand that you may just want a replica of a past Bible Allison has painted — and that is perfectly alright! If that is the case, just upload a picture of the design and say in the description box that you want the same design! We ask that you still include all of the information to ensure we understand exactly what you want.

2.We request only a maximum of 5 pictures for design inspo! When we receive dozens of different pictures of floral designs or colors, it can be confusing for Allison to determine exactly what you want. So please try to narrow it down!

3. You will have up to 1 week to fill out this form! This will give you plenty of time to narrow down and decide exactly what you want. Once you submit the form, we kindly request that there be no changes made until the sketching process. When we send you the full color digital sketch, you will have 2 chances to revise whatever you desire.

We hope you are excited to create a design for your Fully Custom Bible! We love that we can provide you with a timeless book with a beautiful cover; however, it’s a cover that can never compare to the beauty of the words on the inside. We hope you treasure it forever and that it brings you a closer walk with the Lord.

The LDC Team

**NOTICE FOR OCTOBER RESTOCK CUSTOM BIBLES: All Fully Custom Bibles from our October 29th  restock WILL SHIP OUT BY JANUARY 31st. Delivery date will depend on your shipping method. If you need your Bible on a specific date, please be sure to email us with your name and order number to ensure we get your Bible on track to deliver by that date. We cannot guarantee it will arrive before DECEMBER 15th, but we will work with you as best as we can!