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Basic Level: A Guide To Painting Bibles


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This course includes
  • Where to Source Bibles
  • What Kind of Bibles To Use
  • Paint and Lettering Supplies
  • How to Prime + Prep Base Coat
  • Tips for Painting Your Design
  • How to Add a Seal Coat
  • 37 minutes of video footage

Over the past 7 years, I have painted hundreds of Bibles for my business. When I first began my business journey, I was probably in the same state you are in clueless. What kind of Bibles do I paint on?  How do I seal the Bible so the paint does not come off? Well, after a lot of trial and error, I have created a tried and true method for painting Bibles. I am so excited to share the basics knowledge I know to equip you with the skills needed to successfully paint Bibles. This course includes video segments where I chat with you as a friend and walk through each step I take to paint a Bible from beginning to end. So sit down, grab a coffee, and let’s get creating!


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